Robert Marshall
Solo Show 2022 Devon Sculpture Park

A new way to see. A new way to be.

Creative artworks and sculptures by Environmental artist and sculptor Robert Marshall MRSS

Solo Show Devon Sculpture Park 2022

'Portals' is my solo show coming thus summer at Devon Sculpture Park this summer. This collection of environmental work is my most important and challenging body of work yet.

Flower Series, Capability Brown Gardens

'Flowers' is a body of work that tries to explore the difficult space that exists between the manmade worlds and that of the natural world. A space the artist has named Bio-Urbanism.

Robert Adam Gallery

This is a collection of work that can be seen at the Robert Adam Gallery, Nr. Exeter, Devon



Conceptual Re-Thinking

Conceptual re-thinking through the medium of art. Fluidism is a philosophy the artist Marshall has been developing for the last decade. It question binary thought; what is right and what is wrong, what is true and what is false. In doing so it open ups the endless possibilities of the inbetween.




Environmental Art

Environmental Art that tackles Man's innate inability to comphrehend that damaging the earth is the quickest way to self destruction.





We are living in a time of the individual where it becomes very difficult to separate the ego and personal narrative. This ideal of the 'self' has led to a society of selfishness, greed, bigotry, bias,  and righteousness that can twist fundamental truths. The 'self also can lead to disconnection, isolation, unfulillment and loneliness. It is time for the 'self' to reconnect to others, to nature and become more inclusive.

Aerial Shots of 'Portals' showing all four works and the stunning views from the Capability Brown gardens down to the South Devon coastline of Exmouth and Dawlish.