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Robert Marshall. Sculptor, Fine Artist, Designer

Robert Marshall is a practising contemporary fine artist, sculptor and designer. He specializes in environmental art and uses art as a 'thinking' tool to better understand the hidden and the obscure through reinterpretation of binary narratives. Marshall believes in the power of art to not only better the 'self'. It is the artist who holds the power to protect the world for future generations by being able to think anew.

Robert was initially a self-taught painter and stone carver. He has exhibited and sold his work in many galleries and venues including London and Berlin. He had his first solo show in 2014 at StoneWorks Gallery, Swanage Dorset where all work displayed was sold.

Marshall then embarked on a re-education program attaining a first class honours degree in Fine Arts at Arts University Bournemouth and a Masters from Royal College of Art.

Through his learning, his practice has become much more diverse. He now uses a variety of materials, each one carefully  chosen to best fit the narrative of the work. And underlying each work is a new found philosophy, written and developed by the artist in the form of a manifesto titled Fluidism (A non-binary approach to art and life). He has set up ArtLAb Studio where he uses art as an experimenting tool to greater understand the 'self' and how we now all live and 'fit' into this complex, digital, industrial, globalized, consumer world. Such endeavours have led him to more environmentally conscious approach to art and understanding.

Robert has recently been accepted as a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors.